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Hikvision AX PRO

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Alarmsysteem installatie Spanje
Have the system installed by us in Spain

We work in an area up to 200 kilometres from Torrevieja / Alicante

Europe-wide postal deliveries possible within 24 hours.

Every day we hear of a burglary and unfortunately people only start looking for an alarm system when it is already too late.

If you let us secure your home, you can choose between indoor or outdoor detection, or a combination.

We believe that the siren should sound loudly and the burglar should be chased away before he arrives at your house.

This is possible by using wireless outside detectors, which cannot be sabotaged.

Experience shows that burglars prefer to go to the neighbours when they see these detectors on the outside of the house.

We have a lot of visual material that proves this ;-)

Curious who we are, and how we install outdoor detection at a customer of ours? Then watch the video below:
Video is in Dutch language, but we can also speak English.

  • We focus on outdoor detection whenever possible. Detecting a burglar as quickly as possible is what we want. Knowing that someone is already in your home is of no use to anyone.
  • We work more precisely than any other company, and check the detection on every inch of your garden! We hate burglars more than anyone else, and we will do everything we can to secure your home to the best of our ability, depending on the budget available. We receive monthly videos of failed burglary attempts by criminals from our customers where we have installed cameras and alarms. We are quite proud of that!
  • We guarantee completely faultless operation of the alarm system, and offer a 4-year warranty on all products.
  • The system works without monthly charges, and you are always the full owner of the system. The entire installation and operation is done via your own smartphone.
  • Many other providers work with an alarm system on a rental or contract basis. As soon as you stop paying monthly fees, the system is removed or becomes unusable. Not with us! With us, you pay a one-off amount, and you enjoy it for life.

Installing it yourself? Our advantages:

  • In our webshop, you will find all products and prices clearly arranged.
  • We have a handy start package configuration page so that you can put together a complete system step by step and do not forget to order anything.
  • Free delivery within 24 hours to your home.
  • Standard telephone support for questions, and we can provide remote programming if required.

We'll be honest...

Burglary detection inside a house is actually too late...

It's no use to anyone to hear that the burglar has actually broken in.

However, there are a few advantages of indoor detection over having no alarm at all:

  • The burglar has less time to take goods and search your house quietly. As a result, you lose less stuff.
  • You are informed immediately if someone is present in your home, after which you can still call the police.
  • The alarm system is cheaper. Indoor detectors are considerably cheaper than outdoor ones.

The budget therefore determines to a large extent where a potential burglar is detected.

Hikvision AX PRO

Buying online, install yourself

Alarmsysteem installatie Spanje
Have the system installed by us in Spain

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