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AJAX wireless alarm system with no subscription fees

AJAX wireless alarm system

We are official AJAX dealer

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If you follow our reading sequence, we'll first tell you more about the unique qualities of this security system, and we'll show you some videos. Then we describe the unique wireless signal that works over a distance of 2,000 meters and up to 7 years on a single battery. Then we describe the products and prices and explain the smartphone application that allows you to operate the entire system independently. Once you've read it all, you'll understand why AJAX is going to be the new market leader in security in Europe in 2020.

AJAX is an authority in security products, and soon to be market leader in Europe


Products produced monthly at the end of 2019. By the end of 2020 forecast: 440,000 products per month.


Employees at the end of 2019.

End of 2020 forecast: 1600+ employees.


Sales in 93 countries.

End of 2020 forecast: 110+ countries.


Meter wireless range of all products.

With Rex expandable up to 10 Kilometers.

AJAX.systems will be the largest manufacturer of security equipment in Europe by the end of 2020

AJAX reacts faster to unwanted visitors than any other alarm system.

With the AJAX alarm system, the alarm sounds immediately when the burglar takes one step in your garden.

The latest generation of alarm systems

The AJAX wireless system offers detection capabilities indoors as well as outdoors, which are not available with any other brand of alarm system. Receive notifications on your smartphone before the burglar can even start forcing windows and doors. All this without any monthly costs!

Why choose an AJAX alarm system, and not another brand or company?

AJAX doesn't mislead you with high monthly fees, commissions and other tricks that don't help you, but it does let you know about burglary attempts first. With AJAX, the siren sounds before the burglar can start his burglary attempt.

Burglary time of 0.0 seconds

With AJAX, detection of unwanted visitors does not start in your home, but as soon as the burglar takes one step in your garden!

AJAX outdoor motion detectors respond only to humans, not to dogs, cats, birds, moving trees, or other plants in the garden.

See also the manufacturer's demonstration video that shows why motion detection cannot come from trees.

Within 24 hours your home is secured

with the best alarm system in the world!

Within 24 hours your home is secured with the best alarm system in the world!

What does an AJAX alarm system cost?

AJAX alarm system basic package

Basic system € 351,-

The security system can be put together according to your own wishes. But to give you an idea of the price, here's what you normally need to get started.

From here you expand the system with multiple detectors which are needed in your home and / or garden.

  • AJAX Hub (central): € 163,-
  • AJAX MotionProtect (motion detector): € 61,-
  • AJAX DoorProtect (door contact): € 36,-
  • AJAX SpaceControl (remote control): € 30,-
  • AJAX HomeSiren (indoor siren): € 61,-
You can easily put together your system according to your own wishes in the webshop. Because we guarantee the lowest price you can always request an offer.

How do you get the alarm system in your home?

How do you get the alarm system ?

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