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AJAX wireless alarm system with no subscription fees

When you buy an alarm system, you think of a professional company that will install it at your home.

The installation and programming is done by an expert, and once the security company has done its job you can only switch the system on and off, and you are always completely dependent on the security company.

In other words: The alarm system continues to cost you money, because you let the expert carry out any adjustments or maintenance.

This is how it used to have to be done in the past, and this is still the way it is now with old-fashioned systems.

But it can also be done differently...

With the AJAX alarm system you are the expert!

AJAX gives you full control over your own alarm system.

With AJAX you have everything under control. The installation is done via your own smartphone.

AJAX has been developed to be able to install it yourself.

You scan a QR code and the product, for example a detector is wirelessly linked to the central unit (Hub).

The products are easy to install using the supplied mounting materials.

Everything is completely wireless, only the Hub is connected to power and internet cable.

A basic starter kit can be installed by anyone from 12 years old in 15 minutes without any necessary technical knowledge.

All notifications come in on your smartphone, and if desired on an alarm room of your choice.

Modify or add something to the system? Simply via the AJAX application.

Switch the system on or off? Simply via the AJAX application.

AJAX Alarm system for property in Spain

For English speaking people who are looking for an Ajax alarm system for use in Spain, we have a better information page specifically for the possibilities in Spain. 

If you want to install the system yourself, you can stay on this page and read more information, or go directly to the Webshop to make purchases.

Meet AJAX in this video

Zero drama, with AJAX alarm systems.
When security is art

Read on for more information, or go directly to our webshop. (opens in new tab)

Demonstration video AJAX Alarm System

Voted best alarm system of the year!

AJAX is rated by the following organisations as the best alarm system of the year:

  • "Burglary alarm of the year" (Security & Fire Excellence Awards)
  • "Most innovative product" (MIPS Securika)
  • Medal winner for "Risk of fire and burglary" (Expoprotection)


AJAX's wireless alarm system offers detection possibilities both indoors and outdoors, which you cannot obtain with any other brand of an alarm system. Receive alerts on your smartphone before the intruder can even start forcing windows and doors. All this without monthly costs!

In this way, AJAX actually prevents a burglary:

Garden detectors
Motion detectors in your garden or driveway warn of potential burglars at an early stage.

Don't wait until a burglar is already in your home to receive a burglar alarm, but secure your home from the inside and out.

With AJAX outdoor motion detectors you can prevent an actual burglary. These unique wireless outdoor motion detectors set off a siren and notify you on your mobile as soon as someone takes one step into your garden.

AJAX is an authority in security products, and soon to be market leader in Europe

Create your own starter kit

You get the ultimate security system by buying exactly the products / detectors you need.

Start by putting together your own security system.

Go through our starter packages configurator page in our webshop, and you will end up with a complete alarm system that specifically meets your needs. We will tell you exactly what each product is for and where you can use it.

We can't make it any simpler than this for you.

So also take a look at the starter kit configuration page in our webshop

Starter kit example

AJAX products are available in black & white 

Everything in stock and ready to ship

AJAX Alarmsysteem startpakket

Besides putting it together yourself, you can also view one of the many starter kits in our webshop.

From a selected starter kit you can expand the system even further with extra motion detectors for indoor or outdoor use, door contacts, smoke detectors or cameras.

Installation is very easy to do yourself.

If you need help with the installation, we can help you remotely to set everything up correctly. 

  • Professional advice before purchase
  • Always telephone support
  • Standard 4 year warranty on everything
  • Free shipping throughout Europe

Price information: We have the lowest price guarantee. Seen cheaper elsewhere, please let us know.

Installation AJAX Alarm system

Advice and personal quotation

Please contact us via the various contact options

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Advice and personal quotation

Need some advice? Please contact us.

Please contact us via the various contact options

described on our contact page.

or via WhatsApp / Telegram.

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