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AJAX alarm system features

The latest generation
wireless alarm systems

Voted to be the greatest alarm system worldwide

The qualities of the AJAX alarm system

AJAX Qualities

AJAX reacts faster to unwanted visitors than any other alarm system in the world

This makes AJAX unique and therefore the best alarm system:

  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No installation costs, easy to install yourself in 15~30 minutes
  • No maintenance contract: The system checks itself. Not once a year, but every 6 seconds
  • Wireless detectors with a range of up to 2,000 meters
  • Early motion detection in your garden prevents an actual burglary in your home
  • Pet friendly: Does not react to birds, dogs or cats
  • Free helpdesk with on request: Free programming
  • Full control with smartphone
  • Receive worldwide notifications on your smartphone when detecting or jamming
  • 2-Way communication with all detectors
  • Detectors up to 7 years working on supplied battery
  • Free product software updates
  • More reliable than a wired system thanks to constant connection to the Cloud
  • Shipping and installation within 24 hours!

The most important thing about the AJAX alarm system is the quality of the products and what you can do with them. The AJAX alarm system has not only motion detection inside, but also detection outside your home or business.

This minimizes the chance of forcing locks or windows because this person has been noticed before he arrives at your building. In addition, all connections between your smartphone and all detectors are constantly monitored. Loss of signal or burglary attempts without this being reported on your smartphone are absolutely impossible!

Do you still have an alarm system with the following features? Then switch over now!

  1. Detection of burglary only when the thief is already in your house
  2. Wired alarm system with high maintenance costs and limited possibilities
  3. Paying hundreds of euros a year to a control room that only informs the police in the event of verified burglaries at home.
  4. Pay for a maintenance contract to check all detectors once a year.

Best alarm system 2019 according to:

  • IFSEC London: Winner 'Alarm system of the year'
  • MIPS Securika Moscow: Winner 'Best debut' & 'Most Innovative Product'.
  • Expoprotection Paris: Silver medal for 'Innovation in Security & Fire Fighting Risks'.

What is the absolute power of AJAX

Quality that no one else offers

Take a look at the possibilities AJAX has even more to offer
What is early detection

Every security company claims that the system they sell is the best!

But that is not the case! There is a huge difference in all existing brands of alarm systems. The most important thing about an alarm system is that it has to be reliable, and that it has to detect burglars as early as possible.

All alarm system manufacturers advertise early detection of burglars in their advertisements...

But if you read on, and get more information about that system, you will see that the burglary notification only takes place when the burglar is already in your house. That's way too late...!!!

Only if the burglar is already present in your home, a burglary report is sent to the alarm company. You probably know these companies from the advertisements everywhere, and they are also regularly at your door unsolicited. This employee of an emergency centre will call you a few minutes later to inform you that there is movement detected in your house. Only when two detectors register movement the alarm center is allowed to inform the police.

Then it will take another ten minutes for the police to come and take a look. (If they want to come and see, because the number of false reports is very high with alarm systems that can only work with a control room, so that these kinds of reports are not given priority by the local police).

Because detection only takes place inside the house, the burglar has much more time at his disposal before the police can be present. The time the burglar needs to force a lock or a window is not available if you use the unique AJAX outdoor motion detectors. The siren sounds even before the thief can start an actual burglary attempt, and you will receive this message directly on your smartphone. With AJAX, you are immediately informed of every burglary attempt as soon as someone takes a step in your garden.
That is the moment that the outdoor siren has to scare away the burglar and you can take action yourself, or call the police yourself.

Only reports of real burglars in your garden

Many people are afraid that a motion detector outside the house will also give a false signal from moving plants or trees.

This is not the case! The AJAX outdoor motion detectors only respond to people, not to dogs, cats, birds, blowing trees, or other plants.

See also the manufacturer's demonstration video that shows why a motion detector cannot come from trees.

All AJAX products are always fully wireless and have a range of 2 kilometres.

So you can mount the outdoor detectors anywhere you want, and the batteries will last for 5 years.

If you already have an alarm system from another manufacturer / company inside your home, you can expand your existing system with an AJAX starter kit with only outdoor detectors such as the MotionProtect Curtain and MotionProtect Outdoor.

In the long run you will experience that the system within your home will even become completely superfluous.

The burglar will always first walk through your garden before he can make an attempt to get in.

If you have read our website, you know that the AJAX alarm system is unique in its kind, with qualities that no other alarm system can offer. We've only been talking about outdoor detection for a while now because that's where you want to notice the burglar, but also the detectors inside your home are of a much higher quality than other market leaders currently offer. If you are looking for quality and early detection, AJAX is the brand you need.


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