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AJAX videos
Watch all our videos about the AJAX alarm system below.

AJAX videos

AJAX installation video

Watch the official installation video of the AJAX alarm system

The success story of the new market leader

From 5 people in 2011, to 900 employees in 2019, take a look at AJAX's success story.

Comments about the videos shown:

AJAX.systems is a security company that continuously improves its alarm system with software updates and new products. Each year several products are added, and the possibilities are rapidly expanding. Therefore, the videos below may be outdated, and there are now many more products and features available.

Soon we will also be placing home-made videos explaining the latest products and possibilities.

Other official videos produced by AJAX.systems

This video of 7 minutes and 13 seconds shows some possibilities of the Ajax alarm system.

Not only suitable for private homes, but also for large companies the perfect security solution.

This video is from 2018, now the system has been expanded with even more possibilities. These will soon be demonstrated in a new video.

Newest video - If we made a movie...

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