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The AJAX alarm system application is available for Apple users and Android users.

Before you can start installing the alarm system, you first need to download the AJAX Application on your smartphone. iPhone users choose the App Store, and Android users with phones from the brands Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus, among others, choose Google Play.

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, create a user account.

Start with an account for yourself, you can always invite more users later by email link.

First you start by registering the Hub

Press the Hub on/off button once when prompted in the App, and it will start.

Next, the Hub is visible in the Device list.

When you click on the Hub you will see the status of the Hub, such as "connection", "Battery charge", "Lid", "External power supply", "Medium noise", "Mobile" and "Ethernet". At the top right you can see a cogwheel symbol. If you click on it, you will be taken to the settings of the Hub. Option 5 herein is "Groups" in which you can indicate whether you only want to switch the alarm system on and off completely (Default active) or whether you want to activate "Group Mode". When activating group mode, you can create up to 9 different groups in the basic Hub. Each group can then be switched on and off separately. This is certainly necessary if you also use motion detection outside the house, but also useful if you sleep on top of the first floor and want to activate detection on the ground floor during the nocturnal hours. Examples of commonly used group names are: "Outside", "Driveway", "Ground floor", "Garage", and "Bedrooms". But you are completely free to create your own name for a certain group.

Clicking "back" and "previous" several times will take you back to the device list.

To the right of the Devices tab you will see the "Rooms" tab. Click on "+ Add space" and give the new space a name. If desired, a picture of the room can be assigned to it for easier recognition. Name and photo can be changed at any time via space settings. 

Examples of commonly used room names are: "living room", "hall", "kitchen", "conservatory", "bedroom", "garden".

Now it's time to actually add products such as motion detectors and door contacts.

Adding products is done in the "Devices" tab in the lower left corner of the App.

Choose the option "+ Add device" and then "Add device" again, or choose "Add camera" if you want to register a camera. We assume that you want to register the Devices first during the initial installation.

In the menu "Add device" there are 4 fields that need to be filled in.

1. First of all, you give the product a distinctive Name so that you immediately know which product it is when it gives a notification.

The App displays the text "Assigning a meaningful name makes it easier to identify an alarm" below the information symbol."

2. The Device ID must then be entered. This can be found on the back of most products. You can easily scan this code by clicking on the blue square icon to the left of the information sign.

The App will mention under the information symbol the text "Device ID can be found on the back of the housing, near the QR code."

AJAX alarm system application

3. Next, select one of the created Rooms to immediately see in which room the problem is taking place when an alarm is triggered.

4. Finally, select the group in which this product should be active. For example, if you register a motion detector for outdoor use such as the "MotionProtect Outdoor", you can select "Outdoor" as a group.

If you register a motion detector for the living room, the group can be called "Ground floor" for example.

Once all products are logged in, you can start configuring the products one by one in the "Devices" tab. Simply click on the product you want to configure and then on the cogwheel at the top right.

As an example : With the motion detectors you can set the sensitivity within which it has to react. You can do a "detection zone test" to determine what the desired setting is.

Do you need help, or just don't want to do it yourself? We do it for free for all systems purchased from us.

Hikvision AX PRO
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Alarmsysteem installatie Spanje
Have the system installed by us in Spain