AJAX Button, wireless alarm button for the AJAX alarm system.
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AJAX Button

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AJAX Button

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The AJAX Button has been new in the range since October 2019. The button can be used for many applications. The most conceivable application will be to use it as a panic button. All connected users will receive a message on their smartphone that you have pressed the button. You can also make sure that the connected sirens emit a loud signal as a deterrent. For example, you can give the button to your children when they are alone at home, or to grandma or grandpa so that they can easily let you know when something is going on. But the button is also very useful for shopkeepers. Employees can then quickly report any problem throughout the building.

Other applications are also possible with the button. In the App you can indicate what you want to use the button for. In the picture below it is set as a panic button.

AJAX Button application

In the AJAX App on your smartphone, you can find the remote button in the bottom right-hand corner with which you can activate or deactivate the alarm. On this page you will find a red button called alarm under night mode in the group modes. If you press this button, it will have the same effect as pressing the button, with the added bonus that the exact location of your smartphone will also be reported to registered users of the Hub. In the non-group modes you will find a virtual remote control (SpaceControl) on this page where you can also press the virtual alarm button with the same result. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, because when you press the alarm button in the AJAX app, all users will be informed, with your exact location. This is useful to get help quickly in case of a real emergency.

Here are some AJAX Button examples

AJAX Button necklace
AJAX Button wall mounting
AJAX Button keychain
AJAX Button shop security

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