AJAX CombiProtect | AJAX wireless motion and glass breakage detector
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AJAX CombiProtect

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AJAX CombiProtect

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The AJAX CombiProtect not only detects movement up to 12 meters, but also has a built-in microphone that is able to detect and generate an alarm for glass tinkling up to 9 meters away.

This CombiProtect is therefore ideal for locations close to windows.

AJAX CombiProtect installation nearby windows

Like all other detectors, this detector can be programmed in 3 sensitivity settings. In the least sensitive position it is immune for pets up to 20KG and 50cm height. If you set the sensitivity to the middle or highest setting, then the immunity to pets decreases. Your pet will then be noticed more quickly when moving, or only smaller and lighter pets will be able to walk around freely.

If you are looking for a detector that handles temperature fluctuations such as air conditioners and other heaters or rooms where windows are open, the AJAX MotionProtect Plus is a good option. In addition to the standard motion detection technique, it has an extra radar module on board to verify the correctness of detected movements. To give an example: Moving curtains caused by an open bedroom window are not detected in the Plus version. The MotionProtect Plus does not have a built-in microphone, so it will not warn of glass tinkling. Glasswink detection is only included in the CombiProtect as described on this page and in the GlassProtect detector.

AJAX CombiProtect room security

The range of this sensor is 1,700 meters in open field. The ideal mounting height is 2.40 meters, and the standard battery supplied will last up to 7 years. Of course, all installation requirements are included.
AJAX CombiProtect installation

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