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What customers say...

Our customers are very enthusiastic about the AJAX alarm system

Especially the quality of the detectors, the wireless range, and the ease of use we often hear.

Everyone agrees that this system is NOT comparable to any other wireless alarm system running on Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi is far too unreliable to run an alarm system on. In addition, the signal strength of Wi-Fi after 15 meters, or on another floor, is already so low that it offers no security whatsoever. This is the biggest stumbling block in all other wireless alarms.
So if you buy a wireless alarm, make sure it doesn't work on Wi-Fi.

Almost all major retail chains, also online, only sell wireless alarm systems on Wi-Fi.
Don't buy them if you want a reliable system!

At AJAX, all detectors are easy to mount, and the wireless range is always sufficient thanks to the Jeweller wireless signal transmission. The wireless range of the AJAX alarm system is 2,000 meters in open field and this is the furthest of all available wireless alarm systems worldwide.

Because the AJAX central unit, called the Hub, checks the connection to all wireless detectors every 6 seconds, you can always be sure that everything is in order. Online, we found reviews of other wireless alarm systems, such as the "home safe" brand, which described that smoke detectors did not indicate that a battery was faulty until after 24 hours. Of course, this is unacceptable for an alarm system that you have to be able to rely on! The Ajax smoke detectors are also checked several times a minute for correct operation. In the event of a defective or empty battery, you will be notified immediately by means of a message on your smartphone. In addition, you can also check the current battery status of all detectors in the App. The average battery life of an AJAX detector is 3 to 7 years.

Feedback from our customers

  • What a great system it is... I keep buying additional detectors.
  • I was done with "Securitas direct" overpriced subscription. One day, a salesman at the door persuaded me to get an alarm system from Securitas. According to the salesman, it was a good and cheap system. The installation was free and the system itself not very expensive either, I thought. However, I was obliged to take out a subscription for 45 euros a month. Unfortunately, the salesman's powers of persuasion made me sign the contract too quickly, because once I had started using the system, I soon found that it did not work at all as well as I had expected. I then cancelled the contract with great difficulty and expense and continued to look for other alarm systems. I soon found the AJAX brand, which the guys at BEST ALARM SYSTEM were able to install. This alarm system works really great and is very user-friendly with an app on my phone. The detection quality of the detectors is sublime, and the best part is yet to come: There is no monthly charge for the security of my home. So now I have a better system, and after a one-off purchase I pay nothing more. My advice to everyone is: Don't fall for the nice sales pitches from salesmen on the street who stand at your door uninvited and give an obtrusive sales pitch. You are signing a 3-year contract that is impossible to get out of.
  • Verisure or AJAX. A few days later, after a break-in at my home, a Verisure salesman happened to be at the door. Whether I wanted an alarm system. My neighbour let himself be persuaded to have a system from "securitas direct" installed. I googled this company and decided not to after reading reviews. I chose an alarm system from AJAX, and I don't regret it for a minute. Especially now I can compare how my AJAX system works with my neighbour's Verisure alarm system. The funny thing is that my neighbour regrets his purchase and would also like to switch to using an AJAX alarm system. Unfortunately my neighbour has to pay a monthly subscription fee to Verisure for another three years. My neighbour is very annoyed that he didn't choose an AJAX alarm system right away.
  • Thanks for the quick delivery. I forgot to order 2 doorprotectors, can you send me an invoice for that? PS. This system is indeed much better than my old "home safe" alarm system.
  • This system is so much better than my previous Jablotron alarm system. What a relief this is! Everything feels so much better in terms of quality. The app on the smartphone also works great. I would have had this before!
  • Everything well received and now installed, works great! The installation was very quick and easy to do. I will soon order some extra detectors. You are top, and really much cheaper than all other providers.
  • This system is so much better than my "home safe" alarm. I had an alarm of "home safe" since 1.5 years, but I wasn't quite a fan of it. Detectors regularly lost their connection, and had to change the batteries several times. I've also had some fires on the stove, resulting in a lot of smoke, and no reaction at all from the smoke detector that I had. After reading online reviews about this system I became enthusiastic, and I must say, the difference in quality how everything feels is huge. Luckily I haven't let anything burn on the stove yet, but as the rest of the system works, I am confident that the smoke detectors are now doing better with this system as well. Guys, I'm more than satisfied.
  • Jeweller versus Wi-Fi, wow what a difference. Previously, I had bought a wireless alarm system that worked on Wi-Fi. It was recommended as the best wireless system by them, so I thought: That's okay. After a few weeks, I was already sorry. The range of the detectors was so low that I couldn't get an ideal position for the detectors. Also, some alarms that I tested myself did not get through on my smartphone because the Wi-Fi range was insufficient, I think. I don't know why it wouldn't work otherwise. Sold this bad system with a lot of loss, and looked around again for a more reliable system. I chose the Ajax alarm system and I haven't regretted it for seconds. Everything works perfectly right from the start, and the wireless range is really huge. Wow!
  • Not seeing the forest through the trees, so much choice in alarms. Online there was so much choice in the search for a good alarm, which should preferably be wireless. Many companies recommend Ajax to me, but not everyone. In hindsight I don't think everyone because they wanted to get rid of the old stock of other brands, because the Ajax system is really better. Now that I have become acquainted with the Ajax wireless alarm system, I can only recommend one thing to everyone: Choose Ajax, which is so much better in terms of quality.
  • For my house in the Netherlands, I had a system of the brand "Woonveilig". I used this for about 6 months, but found it not user-friendly enough. The batteries quickly died and there was often a message that the connection with one of the detectors was lost. I also thought it was a shame that I had to pay every month to view the images from the camera. That's why I had to look for something else after only 6 months. In my search for a good alarm system, I came across this website. I ordered the things I thought I needed from the webshop. The installation was easy. I chose AJAX because it clearly stated there are no monthly fees and because I had some friends who were satisfied with AJAX. I have to say that so far everything suits me very well, and I have no complaints about anything. I hope it stays that way, but I'm sure it will.
  • I do not have a review, but more of a tip for anyone looking for security for their home. Always read reviews online on Google about the alarm system brand. I read a lot of bad reviews about large companies that I initially thought would offer a good product and good service. After reading online reviews, I suddenly have a completely different view of these types of security companies. I don't want to put anyone in a bad light, but I read a lot of complaints online about companies where you do have to sign a long-term contract to secure your home, and that people have no way of getting out of this often expensive contract. An alarm system should provide peace of mind and security, not stress to get rid of a product.
  • A world of difference when it comes to usability and quality. I had an alarm system where the motion detector was also equipped with a camera, but the camera in the AJAX MotionCAM really shows who is inside my house. Fortunately, this time it was me who tested the system, but next time at least the burglar will be clearly photographed.
  • People, don't doubt which system you should choose, I have bought this AJAX alarm system from this webshop since 1 month now, and I am very satisfied.
  • I never write reviews, but these gentlemen were so nice that they deserve it, you can read my review online on Google. Thanks again.
  • Had system installed in Spain by 2 friendly technicians from this company. It was a pleasant experience, and the gentlemen took all the time needed to explain everything to me. My garden is now fully secured including cameras and even when I sleep I know immediately when someone is walking around in my garden. That is why I advise everyone to have detection installed in their garden by this company.
Hikvision AX PRO
Buy online, install yourself
Alarmsysteem installatie Spanje
Have the system installed by us in Spain