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AJAX Demonstration

Demonstration on location with us

We have several locations in Torrevieja where we can demonstrate the AJAX Alarm system to you. We'll introduce you to the products by showing you what they look like in real life, and tell you which product is best suited to which location.

If you take some pictures of your own home with your smartphone in advance, we can look at them and specifically indicate which products are the most suitable for you. Think of photos from the street to your home / driveway and photos taken from the garden towards your home. Detecting "visitors" at the earliest possible stage before they actually arrive at your home is very important to us, and is the power of this alarm system!

In our demonstration we also like to let you try to access our secured object unseen, without the alarm system noticing you. We guarantee that the AJAX Alarm system will make the siren sound sooner than the secured object can be touched.

With the AJAX alarm system it is impossible for burglars to quietly force a window or door

During our demonstration you will also notice that the number of motion detectors present inside the house in a detached house is minimal. If the location allows it, it is always wiser to detect the burglar outside the house, and then detectors inside are no longer necessary.

When do you always use detectors inside the house?

If outside detection is not possible because of other houses that are too close, such as terraced houses without a garden. As soon as other people normally come within a distance of 5 meters from the house, it is only possible to detect outside to a limited extent. For example, if you share a driveway with your neighbours, or other people need to be on your property during your absence, that area cannot be guarded. The alarm would go off because another desired person, for example your neighbour, activates the alarm.

Only areas outside your home where nobody comes in during your absence can be secured with outdoor detectors. 

A demonstration is without obligation.

And are you convinced of the system that you want it immediately? That is possible! We have everything in stock.

If desired, we can even come and install it at your home within 24 hours.

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