AJAX FireProtect Plus | Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector
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AJAX FireProtect Plus

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AJAX FireProtect Plus

AJAX FireProtect Plus is available in black and white

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The AJAX FireProtect Plus detects smoke, fire, but can also detect carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic and odourless gas that is produced by incomplete combustion of a fuel in, for example, a central heating boiler, geyser, gas stove, wood, gas and oil heater or fireplace. A major misunderstanding is that carbon monoxide is only released with outdated equipment. This is not the case, even with new equipment, carbon monoxide can be released due to a technical defect or incorrect connection.

The range of this sensor is 1,300 meters in open field. Of course all installation requirements are included.

AJAX FireProtect Plus Installation

Below is an example of where the FireProtect Plus is mounted on the ceiling

AJAX FireProtect Plus ceiling-mounted.

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AJAX FireProtect Plus

FireProtect Plus



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