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AJAX HomeSiren

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AJAX Homesiren

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The AJAX HomeSiren is the siren for indoor installation. The range of this siren is 1.800 meters from the hub in open field. Of course, all installation requirements are included. As soon as one of the motion detectors or one of the other connected devices has detected something, a sound signal must be given, and this siren will take care of that. The volume of the home sirens can be adjusted in 3 positions between 81 and 105 decibels at a distance of 1 meter. The alarm duration is adjustable between 3 and 180 seconds. In addition, with many detectors you can set a run-in or run-out delay. During this delay time, you can choose to have the connected sirens or sirens beep if you log in more than one to confirm that the running-in or running-out time has started. You can also set these beeps in 3 positions. In the softest setting, this volume is ideal for waking up at night in a normal way without the whole family waking up in the entire house (if positioned in the bedroom).

In the settings you can choose to have, for example, a delay on certain detectors at night before the loud alarm goes off, and no delay during the day. During the day, a hard siren will sound immediately if detection has taken place somewhere. Of course you can choose for multiple sirens if desired, both inside and outside. It's just how many people you want to inform about an alarm in your area. We recommend the use of an outdoor siren in combination with this indoor siren for maximum attention during an alarm. As indicated, you can choose in the programming whether an alarm should sound immediately or be delayed. Given the volume of the outdoor siren, we can imagine situations in which you do not want to wake up the entire street immediately. But in case of real emergency this is possible. In an emergency situation, it is also possible to press the panic button via the AJAX App as well as via the hand transmitter. All sirens will start making noise and all phones that have the AJAX App installed on them will receive a notification of this action. This way, everyone in the family is always immediately aware of a panic situation, no matter where in the world they are present.

Bonus: We set up the complete Ajax alarm system software for you completely free of charge. With your approval, we can remotely take care of the programming if you indicate which detector you want to have where with which detection and delay times. Of course, we can also arrange which siren you want to sound in or out of. Almost anything is possible and can be adjusted to your wishes, just from our computer. We can usually do this immediately the same day of purchase for you. As soon as we are ready we will log out of your system and we can't go back in without your permission. Certainty for everything, also during programming.

Do you want us to install a certain programming before you buy, that's no problem either. Mail us your wishes, and we will arrange it, completely free of charge. All you have to do is pick up the system from us, mount the detectors at home with two screws at the desired position and you're done. As soon as you log in to the AJAX App with your own account name (email address) you will see the registered detectors and programming, and the whole system is ready for use. You are then immediately ready to secure your home, and in case of an intrusion detection you will receive an instant message.

The size is very small with 7.5 by 7.5 centimeters and 2.7 centimeters thickness.
AJAX Homesiren installation

AJAX HomeSiren mounting example

AJAX HomeSiren mounting on the wall
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