AJAX Hub | The central unit of the AJAX Alarm System.

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AJAX Hub is available in 4 versions in both black and white

AJAX Hub is in stock in all versions


AJAX Hub is the central unit of the alarm system, you always need it once.

The choice which of the 4 Hubs you need depends on what kind of products you want to connect, and how much.

If you want to use AJAX products with camera, this is only possible with the Hub 2.

If you want to use all other AJAX products, the normal Hub is all you need.

The normal Hub offers space for 100 products to be registered wirelessly. The Hub plus offers space for 150 and 200 products.

The plus version is only interesting for very large houses or companies.

Like the normal Hub, the Hub 2 can also register 100 products, but also has the "Wings" protocol, which makes it possible to transmit images wirelessly over a large distance. This Hub 2 is needed if you want to use the MotionCAM motion detector with built-in camera.

For most users, the normal Hub is more than sufficient. With this Hub you can also add separate surveillance cameras and make them visible in the AJAX App. (Currently 4 brands are supported) Or simply view in the application of the manufacturer itself so you can really buy any brand of camera. We will gladly tell you more about it during a free demonstration.

Because the Hub will not hang in sight, the color is not so important. The Hub needs to be supplied with power and a fixed internet cable, which comes from your router. Usually this will be positioned in the meter cupboard.

If you don't have an internet connection at the location in question, or if you want to continue to receive alerts even if the fixed internet is temporarily not working, you can insert a SIM card of any provider that supports 2G. The Hub Plus supports not only 2G but also 3G and even has the option of inserting 2 SIM cards simultaneously as additional communication channels. (Hub 2 Plus also 4G) This will then take over the communication in case of a missing internet signal. Of course, when one of the set communication channels is offline, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone.

This makes the AJAX Alarm system more reliable than any other brand of alarm system.

AJAX Hub standard suitable for 220 volts, but adaptable to 8 ~ 20 volts.

Ajax Hub 12 volt adjustment

(Image adjustment Hub 1)

Especially for use in caravans and motorhomes it is possible to adjust the AJAX Hub from 220 volts alternating current (the standard socket in your home) to 12 volts direct current for your mobile home, the caravan.

Ajax Hub 2 12 volt adjustment

(Image adjustment Hub 2)

If you wish to install the AJAX alarm system in your caravan or motorhome, always indicate this when ordering. We will replace (at extra cost) the required connection in the AJAX Hub so that it operates on 12 volts DC.

Note: After this adjustment, the Hub is no longer usable in a normal home where 220 volts alternating current is present.
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