AJAX Demonstration & Installation In Spain, with 4 years warranty.
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CR123A battery << 25. Installation prices >> 26. Install yourself

Installation of the AJAX Alarm System

We can install the AJAX alarm system for you for free.

For indoor detection, we do this free of charge, provided the location is not too far away from our company.

Otherwise, we can perform the installation at travel cost.

For outdoor detection, installation costs do apply. The amount depends on the choice of detector, type of garden and the location.

For outside detection, we always come and take a look without obligation before we can determine a final installation price.

This way we know which detectors are needed, and you know exactly what the total costs are.

We install within 24 hours!

Curious about the possibilities in your home or garden?

Make an appointment for a consultation or an installation.

Or install the system yourself and order your desired products in our Webshop.

Offer for English customers in Spain

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