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AJAX Keypad

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The AJAX KeyPad is the control panel for controlling the Hub. It activates or deactivates the alarm system. Of course, switching it on and off is also possible with the hand transmitter called Space Control, or simply via the AJAX App on your smartphone. The range of this KeyPad is 1,700 meters from the Hub in open field. Of course, all installation requirements are included.

When do you choose for a KeyPad?

We would like to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using a KeyPad.

First of all, the advantage of a KeyPad. A KeyPad is placed at the front door on the inside of your house. As soon as you come in, you have a few seconds to enter the switch-off code. You do not need a smartphone or remote control to turn the system off. That's handy, and anyone in the family can do this, even the younger children without a smartphone. On the KeyPad you can also see the status of the alarm system, whether it is switched on or off, and whether it is active in night mode. This is all done by means of which light on the KeyPad lights up.

What is the disadvantage of a KeyPad?

As indicated, a KeyPad is placed in the house. So you always need a few seconds, usually 30, to get the time to enter the correct code to turn the system off. You also give this time to any burglars who are already in the hall at the front door. The advantage of this disadvantage is that you can choose not to set other motion detectors in other rooms such as the living room to slow down. If a burglar then goes to that room, the alarm will go off immediately, and the siren will do its work. The room where a KeyPad hangs and a motion detector such as a MotionProtect will always be delayed, because otherwise there is no time to enter the code on the KeyPad.

Giving time to potential burglars can be prevented by running all the detectors in the house without delay, and by switching off the alarm system via a handheld transmitter, called SpaceControl at AJAX. Or simply turn off the alarm system via the AJAX App on your smartphone. Remember, a KeyPad always delays motion detection in the room where the KeyPad is positioned.

Bonus: We set up the complete AJAX alarm system software for you completely free of charge. With your remote approval, we can take care of the programming if you indicate which detector you want to have where with which detection and delay times. Of course, we can also arrange which siren you want to sound in or out of. Almost anything is possible and can be adjusted to your wishes, just from our computer. We can usually do this immediately the same day of purchase for you. As soon as we are ready we will log out of your system and we can't go back in without your permission. Certainty for everything, also during programming.

Do you want us to install a certain programming before you buy, that's no problem either. Mail us your wishes, and we will arrange it, completely free of charge. All you have to do is pick up the system from us, mount the detectors at home with two screws at the desired position and you're done. As soon as you log in to the AJAX App with your own account name (email address) you will see the registered detectors and programming, and the whole system is ready for use. You are then immediately ready to secure your home, and in case of an intrusion detection you will receive an instant message.
AJAX KeyPad installation

Below are some examples where you can mount an AJAX KeyPad

AJAX Keypad inside a property
AJAX Keypad at a shop
AJAX Keypad apartment

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