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Optex Curtain 4 zones

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Optex Curtain 4 zones

The Optex Curtain 4 zones is a detector of the brand Optex which, thanks to the built-in AJAX Transmitter, can also function in the wireless AJAX alarm system. In contrast to the AJAX MotionProtect Curtain detector, this detector monitors 2 sides for movement up to a maximum distance of 12 meters per side. In total you can protect 24 meters from one side of the house.

This detector can of course also be placed inside, but is best placed outside. This curtain detector is ideal for detecting "unwanted visitors". Not only when they are inside the house, but when they are outside in front of the door or window. Dogs and cats can just walk loose in the garden and only people who have no business there will be detected. There are many possibilities with this 4 zone curtain detector which can be easily attached to the wall of a house. Of course, as with all detectors, you will receive a message if the sensor in the detector is blocked. (Anti-Mask) Below is an example of how to position this curtain detector on a house or on a pole. As soon as someone walks outside the window it will be noticed immediately, with a range of no less than 24 meters along your house.

AJAX MotionProtect Curtain 4 zones | property
Detector along a property
AJAX MotionProtect Curtain 4 zones | pole
Detector on a pole
Detection range
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