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AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor

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AJAX Motionprotect Outdoor

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AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor

The MotionProtect Outdoor can be used both indoors and outdoors, but is mainly intended for outdoor motion detection.

This detector is ideal for detecting "visitors" even before they are at your door or window. With a range of at least 3 to 15 meters and a sensitivity that can be adjusted in 3 positions, this sensor is perfect for outdoor use. Dogs and cats can just walk loose in the garden and only people who have no business there will be detected.

This detector can be mounted anywhere in the garden, or on your driveway, thanks to its wireless range of 1800 meters from the Hub.

AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor by animals
MotionProtect Outdoor will not generate an alarm if both sensors do not perceive the same thing. Animals such as birds, cats and dogs in the garden can never set off the alarm.
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor switch
With this switch you can set the beam angle of the lower sensor.
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor Beam angle
Depending on the position of the switch on the back of the detector, the detection radius of the lower sensor will be between 3 and 15 meters. The upper sensor always radiates straight ahead. In a large garden it is advisable to set the switch to 15 meters.
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor height of the sensor
The MotionProtect Outdoor detector should be mounted at a height between 80 cm and 130 cm. For the best detection we recommend a height of 130 cm.
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor Detection pattern
The detection pattern then looks like this, an angle of 90 degrees over a distance of up to 15 meters. Of course it is also possible to mount the detector at an angle.
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor protection
This way you don't have any unprotected areas in your garden.

Installation examples

AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor where to place example
AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor where to place example
AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor where to place example

AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor wall
AJAX MotionPortect Outdoor garden security

Demonstration videos about the detection method

De MotionProtect Outdoor in the AJAX App

With the AJAX App you can set everything concerning this MotionProtect Outdoor detector. For your own imaging, you can assign the detector to a certain room, for example "garden".

It is also possible to create groups with this alarm system, so you can protect a part of your house or only your garden. Multiple detectors can be connected to a room, but that does not mean that if you choose to create groups, all detectors from one room must also be active in a group. Groups and rooms are separate, a group can also consist of a few detectors from different rooms.

In addition, you can use the App to set the sensitivity of the sensors, and whether you want to receive a warning if the image of the sensors is blocked for whatever reason. (anti-mask)

You can also choose to program one or more detectors at any time. There will always be a message when someone passes the detector. Think of a locker room where normally no one should be present.

Of course you can also set a delay time when leaving the building / garden as well as when entering. You can also choose whether the detector should set off a siren, or whether you only want to receive a notification via the App on your smartphone.

It is also possible to choose whether the detector should also be active in the special night modes. This way you can for example choose to only switch on the garden and living room detectors during the night, and not the detectors of the bedrooms, but if you then all leave the building a full switch on at the normal position can take place.

To determine the position of the detector you can do a signal test to determine if the signal up to the hub is powerful enough for the hub to register everything. Thanks to Jeweller technology, this should not be a problem for most and even largest homes. Through the detection zone test you can easily walk around in the area to be protected. The detector's lamp is constantly on in the detection test. As soon as a movement is detected, it will go out for a while to let you know that you have been seen.

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