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AJAX MotionProtect Plus

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AJAX MotionProtect Plus
AJAX MotionProtect Plus is available in black and white.

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AJAX MotionProtect Plus

The AJAX MotionProtect Plus motion detector is almost identical to the regular MotionProtect, but with one difference.

The additional microwave sensor can filter out interference from the air conditioner, open windows and curtain movements. As soon as the standard infrared sensor detects a movement, this additional sensor switches on. If the sensor detects an identical movement pattern of real people, an alarm signal will be generated. This means that the chance of a false alarm is even smaller than with the standard MotionProtect, because air currents with temperature differences do not affect this detector.

This sensor, like all other sensors, can be programmed in 3 sensitivity settings for detection up to a maximum of 12 meters. Thanks to the extra sensor, this is the best choice if you want to protect rooms with open windows or air conditioning. In the 3 positions the detection of animals can be excluded with a size of 25, 35 or 50 centimetres. In the most sensitive position, it does not react to small cats of 25cm in size, and in the least sensitive position, even a large dog of 50cm can walk around.

The range of this sensor is 1.700 meters in open field. The ideal mounting height is 2.40 meters, and the standard supplied battery lasts up to 7 years. Of course, all installation requirements are included.
AJAX MotionProtect Plus montage
AJAX MotionProtect Plus room security

Black or white MotionProtect Plus motion detector

With a choice of black or white MotionProtect Plus motion detectors, it suits into any interior.

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