AJAX ReX | AJAX Range Extender, increases the wireless range.

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AJAX ReX (Range Extender)

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WallSwitch << ReX >> Transmitter

Easily switch between pages

WallSwitch << ReX >> Transmitter 

AJAX ReX is the Range Extender for the Ajax alarm system.

With the ReX, you can double the wireless range of your alarm in all directions. This allows you to achieve a maximum area range of 16 square kilometres in open field. Of course also with the famous Jeweller technique, which sends all signals encrypted and secure between the Hub and all detectors. With the ReX it doesn't matter how big your house or company is, there will always be a good wireless range for all registered detectors.

The ReX has basically the same operation as the Hub, so they are very similar.

Mounting is very easy and can be done with 4 supplied screws. 

AJAX ReX installation

The diagram below clearly shows the distances that can be covered thanks to the wireless Jeweller protocol.

AJAX Wireless Jeweller Protocol

The Hub connects to the closest detectors, while the ReX connects to the closest detectors.


Even if the Hub should stop working for whatever reason, the operation of all detectors connected to the ReX will continue. In the video above we show that the street siren just gives an alarm notification / siren sounds when the connection to the Hub is gone.

AJAX Rex Range

If the Hub cannot be positioned centrally, this is no problem at all. The ReX can be placed anywhere, and only needs a power socket. This makes it no longer a problem for large companies to obtain a reliable and fully wireless alarm system.

AJAX ReX on a wall
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