AJAX Socket | The Ajax Socket is a smart power plug.
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AJAX Socket

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AJAX Socket

AJAX Socket has a luminous edge which changes color depending on the power consumption of the connected device

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AJAX Socket

The Ajax Socket is a smart power plug for complete control over your devices.

The Socket can help prevent damage in case of power surges, but is mainly used for saving energy and automating standard tasks. The Socket is simply plugged between your current plug and your wall socket, and then you are able to use the Ajax App. thousands of kilometers from home to turn on your lights, manage devices, monitor power consumption etcetera. This is particularly interesting for hot water boilers. If you forgot to remove the plug from the boiler when you leave, that's no longer a problem. Curious how much power a certain device costs? With this Socket you can read it exactly. Also ideal when renting homes, you can track exactly how much power your guests use.

AJAX Socket aanmelden

The AJAX Socket can easily be registered in the AJAX App with the QR code which is located on the Socket.

As soon as you open the AJAX App, you choose devices. Then scroll down and choose to add a device. After this you will get the choice between adding a device or adding a camera. Choose Add device and click on the blue QR code symbol to the right of Device ID. This will open the camera with which you can scan the QR code.

You can also assign a meaningful name at the top, which makes it easier to identify an alarm. Then you can add a room and a group for even more overview of where the Socket is located.

AJAX Socket application

What a Socket can do:

  • Operates at a distance of up to 1,000 metres from the Hub.
  • Turns lights, fans, air conditioners, boilers and other household appliances on or off.
  • Can perform tasks when you turn the Alarm on or off. For example, if you switch the alarm on or off, the boiler will always go out automatically.
  • Keeps track of the power consumption of the connected devices.
  • Uses less than 1 Wh in standby mode.

Safety comes first

The AJAX Socket can prevent malfunctions and damage to equipment as a result of problems in the power supply system, such as lightning strikes. The Socket interrupts the power supply to devices in the event of undervoltage or overvoltage. To prevent fire, the Socket is switched off if the Socket is overloaded and exceeds 85 degrees Celsius. In addition, the Socket is equipped with grounding and safety shutters so that children cannot insert any objects other than plugs into the Socket.

The maximum load of the Socket is 3000 Watts.

User-friendly design

The format of the Socket is such that it does not block adjacent connections. The Socket fits in any extension / socket, and does not block anything.

Depending on the power consumption of the connected device in the Socket, the luminous ring will discolour.

AJAX Socket

Colour explanation:

No power on the Socket: No luminous ring

Socket down: Blue ring

Socket switched on, without load: Green ring

0 - 550 Watt: Yellow ring

550 - 1250 Watt: Orange ring

1250 - 2000 Watt: Red ring

2000 - 2500 Watt: Dark red ring

2500 - 3000 Watt: Purple ring

Power supply problem: Slowly blinking red

Hardware error: Fast red flashing

The exact power consumption can always be read out in the AJAX App.

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