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AJAX Socket Manual

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The AJAX Socket is a wireless smart plug with energy monitor, performed as a European type socket-to-plug adapter (Schuko type F) designed for controlling the power supply of electrical devices and rated at a load of up to 2.5 kW. It is equipped with overload protection, energy consumption meter and load level indicator. The device is connected to the Ajax security system via Jeweller secure technology, the communication range is up to 1,000 m without obstacles.

The AJAX Socket only operates with the Hub

Functional Elements 

AJAX Socket Manual functional elements

1. Two-pin socket

2. LED border

3. QR Code

4. Two-pin plug

Socket Operating Principle

Socket turns on/off 230 V power supply according to the scenarios or at user command via the AJAX Security System application.

Socket is furnished with a protection system against voltage variation beyond the range of 184 – 253 V or over-current protection above 11А. In this case, power supply is interrupted, resuming after normalization of the voltage and current values.

Maximum resistive load — 2.5 kW. In the case of inductive or capacitive loads, the maximum current is reduced to 8 A at 230 V AC!

You may view the consumed power of the electrical appliances connected via Socket through the application. There is a consumed electricity meter. Under insignificant loads (below 25 W), inaccurate current and power consumption readings may be displayed due to hardware limitations.

Connecting the Socket to the AJAX Security System

Connecting the Socket to the Hub

Before starting connection:

1. Following the hub instruction recommendations, install the AJAX application on your smartphone.
Create an account, add the hub to the application, and create at least one room.

2. Go to the Ajax application.

3. Switch on the hub and check the internet connection (via Ethernet cable and/or GSM network).

4. Ensure that the hub is disarmed and does not start updates by checking its status in the mobile application.

5. Connect Socket to the power supply and wait for 30 seconds.

Only users with administrative privileges can add the device to the hub.

How to connect the Socket to the Hub:

1. Select the Add Device option in the AJAX application.

2. Name the device, scan/write manually the QR Code (located on the body and packaging), and select the location room.
AJAX Socket manual
3. Select Add — the countdown will begin.

4. The device should automatically be added to the hub.

If the Socket was previously assigned to the hub, connect a device with a load of at least 22 W for 5 s in the application during countdown (e.g. an electric kettle or iron) and then disconnect the load.

The Socket will not be assigned to the hub if the smart socket communicates with another hub

For the detection and interfacing to occur, the device should be located within the coverage area of the wireless network of the hub (at a single protected object). Request for connection to the hub is transmitted for a short time at the time of switching on the device.

If the connection to AJAX hub failed, wait 30 seconds and then try to add the device again.

Socket connected to the hub will appear in the list of devices of the hub in the application. Update of the detector statuses in the list depends on the device inquiry time set in the hub settings, with the default value – 36 seconds.

Values in the AJAX App

AJAX Socket manual  AJAX Socket manual

Signal Strength: Signal strength between the hub and the Socket

Connection: Connection status between the hub and the Socket

Active: State of the Socket (turned on/off)

Voltage: The current input voltage level of Socket

Current: Current at the Socket input

Power: Current consumption in W

Firmware: Device firmware version

Device ID: Device identifier

Electric energy consumed    

The electric power consumed by the device connected to the Socket.

The counter is reset when the Socket lose the power


  AJAX Socket manual

First field: Device name, can be edited

Room: Selecting the virtual room to which the device is assigned

Current protection: If active, power supply will be switched off if the strength of current exceeds 11A, in the inactive state the threshold is 16 A (or 13 A, if continues for 5 seconds)

Voltage protection: If active, power supply will be switched off in case of a voltage surge beyond the range of 184 – 253 V

Indication: The LED border shows the load level by means of color.

React to arming/disarming:

Selecting a script for the Socket  in case of arming/disarming

- Switching off the Socket

- Switching on the Socket

- Do not react

The Socket can respond separately to both the arming and disarming

React to night mode: If active, the arming / disarming scenarios will also work in the night mode

Signal Strength Test: Switches the device to the signal strength test mode

User Guide: Opens the Socket User Guide

Unpair Device: Disconnects the device from the hub and deletes its settings


AJAX Socket manual
The Socket informs the user of the power level consumed by connected appliances using the LED border.
If the load is more than 3 kW (purple), the current protection activates.

No power on the Socket: Don’t have any indication

Socket turned off: Blue

Socket turned on, no load: Green

~550 W    Yellow

~1250 W    Orange

~2000 W    Red

~2500 W    Dark red

~3000 W    Purple

One or more defenses triggered: Smoothly lights up and goes out red

Hardware failure: Quick red flashes

The exact power can be seen in the AJAX Security System application.

Functionality Testing

The AJAX security system allows conducting tests for checking the functionality of connected devices.

The tests do not start straight away but within a period of 36 seconds when using the standard settings. The test time start depends on the settings of the detector scanning period (the paragraph on “Jeweller” settings in hub settings).

Signal Strength Test

Installation of the Device

When choosing an installation place for the Socket, please consider the device remoteness from the hub and presence of objects that may obstruct the RF signal. Do not install the device near sources of magnetic fields (magnets, magnetized objects, wireless chargers, etc.) and inside rooms with temperature and humidity outside the permissible limits!

To check the quality of the communication with the hub, test the signal strength in the AJAX Security System application for at least one minute. If the device has a low or unstable signal strength, use a radio signal range extender ReX.

The Socket is designed to connect to a European two-pin socket (Schuko type F).

Complete Set

1. Socket

2. Quick Start Guide

Tech Specs

  • Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay
  • Service life: At least 200,000 switches
  • Voltage and type of external power supply: 230 V ±10% AC 50 Hz
  • Voltage protection for 230 V mains: Yes, 184–253 V
  • Maximum load current: 11 A (continuous), 13A (up to 5 s)
  • Maximum current protection: Yes, 11 A if the protection is turned on, up to 13 A if the protection is turned off
  • Maximum temperature protection: Yes, +85°С. The socket turns off automatically if the temperature is exceeded
  • Electric shock protection class: Class I (with grounding terminal)
  • Energy consumption parameter check: Yes (current, voltage, power consumption)
  • Load indicator: Yes
  • Output power (resistive load at 230 V): Up to 2.5 kW
  • Average energy consumption of the device on standby: Less than 1 W⋅h
  • Frequency band: 868.0 – 868.6 MHz
  • Compatibility: Operates only with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2 and ReX
  • Maximum radio signal power: 8,97 mW (limit 25 mW)
  • Radio signal modulation: GFSK
  • Radio signal range: Up to 1000 m (when there are no obstacles)
  • Operating temperature range: From 0°С to +40°С
  • Operating humidity: up to 75%
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Overall dimensions: 65.5 х 45 х 45 mm (with plug)
  • Weight: 58 g
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