AJAX SpaceControl | Remote control for the AJAX alarm system
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AJAX SpaceControl

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AJAX SpaceControl

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The AJAX SpaceControl is the remote control for controlling the Hub. It activates or deactivates the alarm system. Of course, switching it on and off is also possible with the AJAX KeyPad, or simply via the AJAX App on your smartphone. The range of the SpaceControl hand transmitter is 1,300 metres from the Hub in open field.

AJAX SpaceControl on keychain

The AJAX App also includes a virtual handheld transmitter for exactly the same operation as the hardware-based version. The range of the virtual remote control is infinitely wide thanks to your internet connection on your smartphone. But not always having to grab your smartphone to switch your alarm system on or off is of course handy, because a real remote control is easy to click on your keychain.

AJAX SpaceControl virtual in app

Bonus: We set up the complete AJAX alarm system software for you completely free of charge. With your approval we can remotely take care of the programming if you indicate which detector you want to have where with which detection and delay times. Of course, we can also arrange which siren you want to sound in or out of. Almost anything is possible and can be adjusted to your wishes, just from our computer. We can usually do this immediately the same day of purchase for you. As soon as we are ready we will log out of your system and we can't go back in without your permission. Certainty for everything, also during programming.

Do you want us to install a certain programming before you buy, that's no problem either. Mail us your wishes, and we will arrange it, completely free of charge. All you have to do is pick up the system from us, mount the detectors at home with two screws at the desired position and you're done. As soon as you log in to the AJAX App with your own account name (e-mail address), you will see the registered detectors and programming, and the whole system is ready for use. You are then immediately ready to secure your home, and in case of an intrusion detection you will receive an instant message.

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