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AJAX Transmitter

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AJAX Transmitter

AJAX Transmitter

AJAX Transmitter is in stock

AJAX Transmitter seamlessly integrates other brands' products into the Ajax alarm system.

With the AJAX Transmitter you ensure that products from other manufacturers can be used in the AJAX system. Think for example of certain motion detectors for outdoor use. Of course, AJAX also has this kind of products itself, but perhaps you prefer a different brand because of different product characteristics. Thanks to this transmitter you can still use the reliable Jeweller connection to be able to place the detector at a large distance from your home, and you are completely free in which brand of detector you place where. The picture below is an example of a transmitter integration with another brand of motion detector.

The transmitter has a wireless range of 1700 meters from the Hub.

In addition to mounting in motion detectors, the AJAX Transmitter can also be mounted in, for example, temperature sensors or natural gas detectors, closure detectors, perimeter detectors, leakage detectors, glass breakage detectors, vibration detectors and alarm buttons. 

The power supply is a 3.3 V power supply for an external detector. Alarm means alarm connections to which NC/NO zones of an external detector are connected.

Tampering refers to tampering zones to which the tampering outputs of an external detector are connected.

To place the transmitter in the detector housing, an interior space of at least the following dimensions is required: 110х 41х 41х 24 mm.

If the transmitter cannot be installed in the detector housing, use an external radiotransparent housing.

Currently we have 2 products in our assortment which use this AJAX Transmitter.

Both are motion detectors for outdoor use, and similar to the AJAX products MotionProtect Curtain, and MotionProtect Outdoor. The first is the Sopras MotionProtect Curtain 4 zones, and the second is the Optex WXI-RAM 180. The features of these products can be found on the product page, but both are equipped with an AJAX Transmitter because they are products of a different brand. In this case the brands Sopras and Optex. These products were chosen because they currently offer something that AJAX itself has not yet released, namely a curtain motion detection pattern on 2 sides (Sopras) and a 180 degree motion detector (Optex).

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