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What can the AJAX alarm system do?

The AJAX alarm system can easily detect burglars before they mess around at your door or window. The system not only registers movements in your home or business, but also in your garden or driveway and notifies you immediately through the AJAX Application on your smartphone. In addition, you can also have one or more sirens sound, both indoors and outdoors. You will only receive an alarm from people, never from animals. With optional cameras it is also possible to see directly in the AJAX App who is responsible for the movement report, so that you can take appropriate action immediately. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can easily secure your balcony with unique outdoor detectors from the AJAX alarm system, such as the MotionProtect Curtain. For homes you can install both, the MotionProtect Curtain and MotionProtect Outdoor detectors. Both provide the desired security in their own way. A detection message from any detector will be sent to the hub in 0.15 seconds, after which the hub will immediately inform all connected smartphones worldwide.

The outdoor detectors of the AJAX alarm system are unique because there is no other manufacturer in the world that has this outdoor movement detection technique available, which is also immune to dogs, cats, and birds. In addition, the detector cannot be sabotaged without noticing this to the owner, because the detectors have to report to the Hub several times a minute. As soon as a report is not received due to sabotage, you will be notified immediately.

Operating the AJAX alarm system can be done in 3 ways

The first possibility is with your own smartphone. Through the AJAX Application you can turn the system completely on or off, or activate only parts of the house. You can easily create groups and turn them on or off separately. This allows you to walk around freely during the night, for example on the upper floor, while downstairs and outdoors are guarded.

The second possibility to control the system is through the remote control, called SpaceControl. This remote control is shown in the picture below as a virtual control button in the AJAX App. The remote control is mainly meant to hang on to your keybox, and to be able to switch the system on and off remotely. The range of this remote control in open field is 1300 meters. With the virtual remote control in the AJAX App. you can of course switch the system on and off anywhere in the world. The internet has no boundaries.

The third possibility to operate the system is with the control panel, also called Klavier in Belgium. The official name from AJAX is KeyPad. The control panel can be installed directly on the inside of the entrance door to your home. As soon as you enter the house, you have X seconds to enter the correct switch-off code, after which an alarm message will sound. By using a KeyPad, not everyone in the family has to own a remote control or have the Application installed on their phone. Passing on the unlock code is then sufficient to switch off the system. Of course, the system can also be switched on completely or in groups using this KeyPad. Due to the convenient illumination of the KeyPad, it is always easy to see what the current monitoring status of the system is. 

AJAX alarm system app

Will my cat or a robot cleaner set off an alarm?

AJAX devices use a digital algorithm to detect human movements.

As long as your pet is smaller than 50 centimeters and 20 kilograms, they should not set off your AJAX detectors.

AJAX alarm system range HUB

Do AJAX devices really work up to 2,000 meters away from the Hub?

We tested the maximum distance between the Hub and the detectors in open space, and the range is really 2000 meters. Your experience may vary as walls, ceilings and other barriers will shorten the distance. When in doubt about the distance, you can do a radio test with the AJAX App to determine the signal strength before installing detectors.
AJAX alarm system battery replacement

How often should the batteries of the device be replaced?

AJAX devices are powered by batteries, not by the network, so wired systems would work.

The wireless signal used by the AJAX alarm system is a special energy-efficient radio protocol called Jeweller developed by AJAX itself. This makes it possible to operate detectors up to 7 years on the supplied batteries.

AJAX alarm system battery sensor

How do I know if a product battery is low?

As soon as the battery reaches a critical level, AJAX will send you a notification. If you are curious, you can always double check the battery levels in the device settings.

Does AJAX support video surveillance?

Third party cameras can be connected to the security system using AJAX apps.

You can choose from almost any RTSP-enabled camera or seamlessly integrate Dahua, Hikvision, Safire and Uniview IP cameras and DVRs.

AjAX alarm system camera surveillance


How does the AJAX alarm system report an emergency?

The alarm system sends alerts via push notifications, SMS messages or calls to the system owner. You can choose your notification preferences in the Mobile App.

AJAX alarm system push notifications

How can AJAX send alerts so quickly?

The Hub continuously monitors the detectors and they regularly report back to the Hub. (Adjustable to every 6 seconds)

If a detector is activated, it transmits that information immediately. The Hub then sends a warning to the system owner's smartphone and/or an alarm centre. All this happens in just a few milliseconds.

The Hub offers space to inform 50 users worldwide in 0.15 seconds. The Hub Plus can even inform 100 different users in 0.15 seconds. No human alarm centre worker can beat that. 

AJAX alarm system warnings

Preventing sabotage

What happens when the Internet goes out?

In offline mode, the AJAX alarm system works in the same way as other professional security systems: detectors monitor the situation and send information to the hub. When danger is imminent, the siren will sound.

AJAX Streetsirene volume

If there's a power outage, will my house left unprotected?

No, the AJAX alarm system will continue to monitor your home, even during power cuts. All detectors are battery operated and a spare battery is installed in the hub. It provides up to 16 hours of reliable operation. As soon as your home is powered up again, the hub automatically charges the backup battery.

Can AJAX be hacked?

The AJAX alarm system has a closed ecosystem. There are 2 connections that must remain active in order not to receive sabotage notifications from the AJAX App on your smartphone. This is the connection between the Hub and the Cloud, and the wireless connections between the Hub and all detectors. Because your smartphone always connects to the AJAX Cloud, any sabotage attempt will be noticed immediately.

Unlike most wireless and wired security systems, AJAX uses two communication channels to send alerts to the owner from the Hub to the Cloud: Mobile and broadband Internet.

For communication to the wirelessly connected detectors from the Hub, AJAX uses an in-house developed technique called Jeweller. This wireless signal is known for its low power consumption and enormous range.

There are 2 different frequencies on which the Jeweller signal can emit, and in case of interference it automatically switches to the other frequency. The quality of this signal is constantly monitored on both frequencies and if a hack attempt is made on this signal, it will be directly passed on to the system owner via the Hub.

The regular Hub has one 2G SIM card option and a wired Ethernet cable which is connected to your internet router to connect to the Cloud. The Hub Plus also has Wi-Fi and a second 3G SIM card option to stay connected to the Cloud.

If communication between the Hub and the Cloud is lost, you will immediately receive a message about this on your smartphone, so that you can check what might be going on.

Losing the connection between the Hub and the Cloud is only possible if all 2 or 4 (depending on which Hub you use) of the communication channels are offline. So when your wired internet connection is gone, your Wi-Fi signal is gone, and both your 2G and your 3G SIM card no longer work from two different providers. As far as we know, this has never happened before in Europe. And does it happen? No problem! You will always be informed.

And it is not mandatory or necessary to place 2 backup SIM cards in the Hub. You can only rely on your wired internet connection, because as soon as one of the connected communication channels fails, you will always receive direct notification of the event from the Cloud on your smartphone. So if you only use a cable between your router and your Hub (i.e. only one communication channel), and your internet is out at home, the AJAX Cloud will report this directly to you.

So it doesn't really matter for reliability how many communication channels are active between the Hub and the Cloud.

As soon as one of them fails, you will always receive an instant message on your smartphone.

If you don't receive a notification on your smartphone via the AJAX Cloud? Then you can be sure that all communication between the detectors and Hub and Cloud is in order. So you are always fully aware of the complete status of your alarm system.

What if all communication channels are blocked?

If all communication channels no longer work, the Hub is inaccessible to the AJAX cloud.

In that case, the AJAX Application, which is continuously connected to the cloud, ensures that you immediately receive a message on your mobile that this connection has been disconnected. You can then take appropriate action immediately. This extra control from the cloud on a constant connection to the Hub has not been encountered by any other alarm system yet. This is exactly the reason why this system is so reliable. All possible sabotage possibilities have been thought about down to the smallest detail.

AJAX Communication

Can the radio signal between the Hub and the detectors be blocked?

Not without being noticed. The hub controls all system detectors. When the hub does not receive a signal from at least one of them, an alarm is sent to inform the users of the communication loss. In addition, the Hub reports high noise levels on the radio channel, which may indicate deliberate attempts at jamming or other powerful interference.

AJAX Jeweller

Can AJAX radio signals be intercepted?

No. All device data is encoded using a floating key algorithm before it is sent. For extra protection, each device has a unique identifier that helps prevent forgery.

AJAX Radio signals
AJAX alarm system mobile application

Do I need a professional installer to set up the system?

The AJAX system is fully developed to be installed by the end user. If you can download any application on your smartphone, you will also be able to set up the alarm system. No technical knowledge is required. And if you want, we will take care of the programming / registration of the different products for you, so you only have to mount it yourself. But you can also leave it to us to install it if you wish. We will gladly tell you more about it.


What information does AJAX collect and why?

The AJAX alarm system only collects data that helps the system to perform its functions and improve its capabilities. The data is fragmented, anonymized and encrypted over several servers in Europe. It enters the server through an encrypted channel and cannot be used without the user's permission.


Who responds to an alarm when I'm not at home?

The first person to get a report on his smartphone is yourself. The second reaction will come from the person who should not be present at your home, by hearing the loud alarm. In theory, you can give your neighbours access to the system. This way, they also receive warnings and can check if everything is okay. Of course, you can also pass on the report to the police yourself, especially if the reports can also be verified by yourself with optional cameras. However, we think that most burglars, when they hear the outdoor siren, choose to walk a little further. The AJAX alarm system works with central control rooms all over the world if you don't want to inform the police yourself.

What does an alarm center do?

An alarm center does nothing more than register an incoming alarm call. As soon as an alarm occurs, the alarm system sends a notification to the home owner via the AJAX App on his or her smartphone, and a notification to the control room you have a subscription to. Both you and the control room will then be aware that something is going on. The alarm center will then contact you to ask what might be going on. If you do not answer the phone and not respond to the call from the alarm company, the alarm center may decide to inform the police of this. In most European countries, an alarm company can only inform the police if at least two detectors have registered a movement in the house.

Do you really need a call center with this system?

Honestly... With all the possibilities this system offers, an alarm center is completely unnecessary.

After all, you are the first person to receive an alarm notification on your phone. You can take immediate action yourself, for example by calling the police, or by viewing the images of the current situation on any cameras present. But that's not all. With this alarm system, you can not only set yourself to receive a notification on your smartphone, but you can also let 50 other people receive a notification on their smartphone at the same time. So you can notify your whole family of an alarm within 0.15 seconds. What's the point of having a call center, which often charges an additional 40 euros per month!

Cost savings

There are companies who sell other brands of alarm systems cheaply, but they always work with subscription. So there is always a call center included as standard, and you can't check anything with those other systems yourself. You won't be informed of anything either. All notifications go through the call center / alarm center. We call this a trick to get an old, unable alarm system sold anyway, as it seems very cheap in the beginning. And by paying for the subscription after 1 year of use, you will lose more money than with a complete AJAX alarm system, which works without subscription and installation costs.

In addition to the subscription costs of an alarm center, many security companies also offer a maintenance contract. Companies in particular pay a minimum of € 500 per year for this. They then come once a year to check the situation. If you have this at the moment, the savings you can make with an AJAX system are many times higher.

Because an AJAX alarm system checks itself, not once a year, but every 6 seconds.

About the company AJAX System

"AJAX Systems" is a fast-growing home security equipment company with 100% of production in Ukraine. It was founded in 2011 by Alexander Konotopsky. Today, the company employs more than 700+ full time employees, almost 20% focused on research and development. So there are still a lot of beautiful new products to come. The products are developed and produced in Ukraine, and can be used anywhere in the world.

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