Home alarm system
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Home alarm system
6 March 2020 
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Home alarm system

A home alarm system is a sensible purchase to protect your property. The rate of burglary increases every year, and there are few things more annoying than experiencing a burglary in your own home. Valuable assets that are irreplaceable, such as the jewelry of a deceased loved one, can be taken away by a burglary in your home. Installation and purchase used to be a costly and time consuming affair. Wires had to be pulled all over the house and you had to pay monthly to receive any theft reports because a switchboard person could tell you if something was going on.

Fortunately, technology does not stop, and in recent years more and more things have become easier, including buying and installing a security system for your home or business. The company that is currently number 1 in quality and ease of installation is AJAX. The company is originally from Ukraine, but is already doing good business in 93 different countries by 2020 by offering a more modern and reliable security system than any other.

The AJAX system offers so many advantages that we can dedicate a complete website to it. One of the advantages is that the system no longer incurs any cost after purchase. Something you have with other outdated alarm systems. Millions of people pay tens of euros every month to be notified of their alarm system. Imagine what you could save by switching to a better system.

Alarm system without fees

The AJAX alarm system gives all notifications, whether it is a system notification of a battery that is empty, or a theft notification of unwanted people in your garden using your own smart phone. As a result, you no longer need to be connected to a central control room. Of course, if you wish, this is possible for a fee, but it is certainly not mandatory. This creates a reliable alarm system without monthly costs.

In addition to this monthly cost saving benefit, there are many other advantages. Think about early detection of people, not in the house, but already in your garden. This can even prevent an actual burglary. Don’t forget that the alarm siren only sounds when the burglar is already in the house with you. You want a warning as soon as he steps into your yard, and not a second later. This is exactly what distinguishes the AJAX alarm system. It warns you immediately, and not when it’s too late.

Early Warning System

Therefore, an early warning system is certainly one of the features of the AJAX alarm system. Thanks to several unique outdoor motion detectors, early detection already takes place in your entrance or in your garden. As a result, a burglar does not have time to force a window or a front door, because before that time the siren sounds, and he has already been notified with a message on his smartphone. Thanks to the link of up to 99 users, you can have the same number of phones notified in case of theft. If, for example, you are old enough and connect to this system, you will receive an instant message on your phone in case of panic or other alert, so that you can call for help. Not only is this system very suitable for detecting burglars, but because of its huge wireless range it is also the best product for older people who can very easily indicate to children or other emergency services that something is wrong by means of a handy panic button called the AJAX button.

Home alarm system benefits

A system for domestic use must be above all reliable. Thanks to the long battery life and the patented wireless signal used by this security system, it meets the highest demands that a wireless system can achieve. The system wins several prizes each year, which are awarded by the jury of safety experts. Reviews of these systems are conducted by professionals from around the world who rate the AJAX system as very safe.

Security alarm system

A safety alarm system must meet high quality requirements. Not only must it be good at detecting burglars, but other detection such as smoke or water is also important. Every year, people die in their sleep as a result of fire and inhalation of too much smoke, and become unconscious as a result. Much suffering, and even human lives, could have been saved if there had been proper fire detection. People sometimes prefer to spend 50 euros on a dinner instead of buying a decent quality smoke detector that they can enjoy for 10 years. In any case, it will ensure a better night’s sleep.

Which home alarm system to choose

We also understand that it is difficult to choose a home alarm system. Every company and every representative indicates that their system is the best. So you’re inclined to believe this, without going deeper into the matter. We started talking about this system on the home page of this website, and realized that it may have become a little too much information. You can always consult specific pages on a certain subject through the index. We hope that by reading all the information you will also understand the importance of a reliable system like this. And of course, we hope you buy the best system, and don’t choose a company that makes you pay monthly for something you don’t need or can take care of yourself.

Fire Alarm System

We were talking about the dangers of fire. During the day you can say that you can do without a good smoke detector, but if you fall asleep at night, there is no one else to warn you of a fire that is starting, and it can quickly have very unpleasant consequences. In one of our other blogs we mentioned what a good smoke detector should do. Of course, we also offer complete systems that can detect smoke on every floor or room in your home and, if you wish, automatically notify the fire department of the fire. This eliminates the possibility of large fires, even during long vacation periods. How often do you hear on the news services that a company is completely burnt out? The problem is always the same, there was no detection of a fire, so the fire brigade is only notified when three quarters of the building has already burned down.

Door alarm system

AJAX is also very suitable as a door alarm system. Thanks to the DoorProtect and DoorProtect Plus detectors you can immediately see whether a door is open or not. You can only have the movement of these doors checked at night, but there is also the possibility of always being notified if a certain door is opened. All AJAX detectors can also be programmed in a 24-hour monitoring mode.

Alarm system for houses without a contract

Companies like Securitas offer alarm systems with a 3 year contract that you have to pay every month. This is not the case with an AJAX alarm system. There is no contract or monthly fee. Everything is under your own control, because you can see and control everything with your own smartphone. But costs are not the only difference between this system and those of other companies. The quality of the products is also unmatched. If you want a demonstration of AJAX, you should visit us. You will be surprised and we are sure you will be excited.

Outdoor perimeter alarm system

We’ve already talked about early detection of AJAX. The external peripheral alarm system is what you want. The sooner a thief is detected, the better for you. That’s why AJAX has the popular MotionProtect Outdoor motion detector in its range that protects an outdoor area of no less than 175 square meters. We will tell you all about this detector on the product page of this website. And, of course, you can shop in our online store.

No idea what you want or what you need? No problem. We are happy to help you determine what you need. Contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities. If you prefer to read about a specific topic, see our index page.

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