Installation manual Safire DM934 camera
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Installation manual Safire DM934 camera
23 March 2020 

Installation manual Safire DM934 camera

Many starter kits that we sell in our webshop include the Safire DM934 camera.
We get a lot of questions about how to install it, and we are going to explain this step by step on this page.

First of all, start by inserting an SD card so you can not only play live playback on your smartphone, but also look back at what happened in the past. To insert an SD card, unscrew the 3 screws and insert the SD card in the slot provided.

Then connect the power adapter (supplied separately) and connect an Ethernet cable via the camera to your router. Possibly you can also use a PoE switch. This is a Power over Ethernet connection which means that you do not need a separate camera power supply because the power is supplied directly via the Ethernet cable.

Then download the software from the Safire website. A Safire camera does not have a default password or login name, you always need to activate the camera via your PC first.

The DM934 camera has Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, but must be connected to Ethernet in order to be activated. Later you can configure the Wi-FiI via the settings.

To activate the camera go to:

View all available programs Safire download center.

You can choose:

  • Safire Control center: CCTV client software for Desktop (PC) and mobile devices App.
    Integrated remote access for Safire network devices. (For Windows / Android / iPhone)
  • Safire Easyview: CCTV client software for Desktop (PC) and mobile device App.
    The easiest way to visualize your external devices. (For Windows / Android / iPhone)
  • Safire SADP, Search Active Device Protocol: Download CCTV Desktop (PC) utility software.
    Zoek en identificeer alle Safire-netwerkapparaten. (Only for Windows)

Once you have downloaded and installed SADP you will see the camera in the row of online devices (cameras) with a status “Inactive”. It is important that the computer is connected to the same network as the camera!

Select the camera you want to configure and create a password. Also select the “Enable Easyconnect” function. To activate this function you need to create a verification code. A popup screen will appear that you can fill in. Then click on confirm and then on activate. If desired, you can enter 3 questions and answers that will help you in case you forgot your login details or passwords.

As soon as you have completed these steps the Safire camera is activated.

Now it’s time to install the Safire Connect application on your smartphone to view live streams, recordings and make configuration changes.

Open the Application and click log in. If you already have an account, you can log in with your own details. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by clicking register.

You can register with a phone number or an email address. In our example we choose an email address. Enter an email address and confirm the code you receive by email. Create a password and remember it.

Then click in the app on “add device” to add the first camera. This will activate the camera function on the phone. This will allow you to scan the barcode that can be found on the camera packaging as well as on the camera itself. After scanning, click Add and insert the verification code you created while activating the camera and click next. Then you can give the camera a name so that you can easily see from which location the image of the camera is. By default, the name and type number of the Safire camera is chosen, but you can also customize it to, for example, Garden or living room. Click Save to confirm the name.

The camera will then appear in the list of devices. If it is only the first camera you add, you will see 1 camera at this moment. By clicking on the camera name you will see the live stream at the bottom right of the screen. You can also view the recordings from the past saved on the SD card.

Through the settings of the camera you can share images with other users, and adjust the configuration. With this information you can also add images from the camera to third-party applications, such as the AJAX application by using the login details of the Safire easy connect account.

For a video demonstration how to login the Safire DM934 camera to your smartphone you can watch the video below.

Adding a Safire camera to the AJAX application

Make sure the camera is activated via the SADP program for windows computers. Is the status “Active”?

If all went well with this activation you can see the camera in your Safire Connect account.

If this is not the case, carry out the steps below:

Open SADP and select the desired camera that has already been activated.

Activate DHCP and easy connect, and save with your activation password. Do you now see the live view of the camera in the Safire Connect app? Then we continue with the steps below.

Be sure you have this data ready:
– Safire username
– Activation password Safire camera
– Easy connect code

Open the AJAX application and go to video surveillance.
Add the Safire account by clicking on the plus sign.

You will now see the screen of Ezviz.
Login with your Safire account name and password.

Now your user name will appear in the “video surveillance” list.

Go back to the dashboard and scroll down to “add device”.

select “add camera”.

Choose “Safire”

choose a name for the camera you want to add.
Choose the account you just added under “camera surveillance”. This is called Safire (xxxxxx)
Select the desired camera and choose the room where the camera will hang.
Then press “OK” to save.

Now the camera is between the device list in the AJAX application.

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