Optex WXI-RAM 180 with AJAX transmission
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Optex WXI-RAM 180 with AJAX transmitter

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Optex WXI RAM 180

AJAX Transmitter

The Optex WXI-RAM 180 is only available in white.

This Optex detector is from the WX Infinity series, with battery power and anti masking. The battery power comes from the AJAX Transmission module which is standard included in this detector. The AJAX Transmitter has a wireless range of 1.700 meters in open field.

Thanks to the AJAX Transmitter, products from other manufacturers can also be integrated.

Detection takes place in a circumference of 180 degrees over a distance of up to 12 meters. This makes it possible to secure an area of 24 metres wide. (12 metres on the left and 12 metres on the right)

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Optex WXI-RAM 180

The Optex WXI RAM 180 is a motion detector that can be mounted both indoors and outdoors.

The ideal mounting height is exactly 1 meter high, but can be mounted up to 20 centimeters higher or lower.

The letters AM in RAM stand for Anti-Mask, which means that you get a message if someone deliberately blocks the view of the detector in order not to be seen. Something that can happen when the detector is placed outside the house.

The R in RAM indicates that it is the battery version. Optex also makes wired versions for other systems.

The 180 in the model name stands for the maximum angle within which the detector can detect movement. If you mount the detector on a wall, it will look at all directions.

This detector is ideal for detecting "unwanted visitors" even before they are at your door or window.

The use of this detector is very flexible. You can adjust the range between 2.5 and 12 meters for both the left and right side, independently of each other. You can also set the sensitivity per part, and indicate when an alarm should sound, in case of one or two movements. All this to minimize false alarm.

Large birds, dogs and cats in the garden don't trigger an alarm, only people do, thanks to the detection method used by multiple sensors.

Optex WXI-RAM 180 animal-friendly

Animals do not give false alarms

The Optex WXI-RAM 180 will not generate an alarm if both sensors, which are positioned vertically, do not perceive the same thing. Animals such as birds, cats and dogs in the garden can never trigger the alarm. Horizontally there are 14 detection lines, and vertically there are 2 detection lines.
Optex WXI-RAM 180 detection range adjustable

Detection range adjustable

The left and right side of the detector can be configured separately. It is therefore possible, as shown in the picture for example, to have the detection on the left up to a distance of 12 metres, and on the right up to a distance of 6 metres from the detector.

Optex WXI-RAM 180 video demonstration

The above video of 4 minutes and 48 seconds shows the precise possibilities of the Optex WX Infinity series protectors.

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Optex WXI-RAM 180

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