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AJAX alarmsysteem Hub


The brain of the Wireless alarm

The AJAX Hub is needed as the base of the alarm system, and controls the entire operation. The Hub places you near your internet router, and preferably connects you wired to your router. If you don't have access to the internet at home, you can also choose to insert a SIM card from any provider. The Hub uses very little data (only a few MB per month), a prepaid card or a cheap telephone subscription with only some data is sufficient. A SIM card is only necessary if you don't have an internet connection at home.

In case of a power failure, the Hub's internal battery takes care of the power supply for up to 16 hours. Of course, you will always be informed via your smartphone of a possible power failure or internet failure at your home.

The Hub is available in 4 versions, the standard Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, and Hub 2 Plus.

Hub 2 is the same as the standard Hub, but it has the possibility to send a picture of 0.3 megapixels in case of an alarm message from for example the MotionCAM. You not only know that someone is present in the protected zone, but also who is present, based on the picture. This photo verification could of course also be obtained with a separate camera and the regular AJAX Hub. The image quality of a single camera will always be better. Many security cameras are easy to integrate into the AJAX Application, and there are even fully wireless battery-powered cameras available. The new additional protocol Hub 2 has for photo transmission is called Wings.

The Hub Plus has the same amount of memory as the Hub 2, but this memory is used slightly differently. The Hub Plus can wirelessly log in no less than 150 products/detectors instead of 100 products. In addition, this Hub distinguishes itself from the other 2 by supporting a second 3G network backup with the Cloud and the support for Wifi. This Hub does not need to be connected to your router with an internet cable, although this is always preferred. 

Encrypted communication is used, so the AJAX detectors protect them against interference or sabotage.

AJAX Hub analyzes all data, filters any false alarms and warns you in case of real danger.

In the Hub there is a 2G GSM communicator and a LAN connection for a direct connection to the internet.

All detectors and the Hub can be learned by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. The system is then directly accessible via the internet. There is no need to open ports on your router.

All parts of the complete system are available in black and white.

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Combine technology with design

AJAX has developed an advanced and highly reliable professional alarm system that communicates wirelessly (without WiFi) in your home or business. Thanks to Jeweller technology, every wireless component in the network is constantly monitored and all data is collected. It uses certified equipment in accordance with the European standard EN 50131-1 class 2.

Warning: Never buy a Wi-Fi enabled wireless alarm system. This wireless technology is absolutely unsuitable for alarm systems that need to function reliably under all circumstances. Many older alarm systems work on this, and are worthless. The AJAX alarm system uses a new in-house developed wireless protocol, which is currently unbeatable in all aspects.

All connections and buttons are hidden in the control panel. The AJAX-Hub has a battery that provides a backup of up to 16 hours and in the event of a power failure, the alarm message is immediately sent to the user. For this purpose, the Ethernet and/or GSM signal is used, while the unused frequency is automatically selected in the event of an error on the channel used.


Summary of the difference between the 4 available hubs


  • Up to 100 detectors
  • Up to 10 cameras
  • Up to 50 users in App
  • Up to 9 alarm groups
  • Maximum 5 scenarios
  • 2 Communication channels: Ethernet / 2G SIM card

Hub Plus

  • Up to 150 detectors
  • Up to 50 cameras
  • Up to 100 users in App.
  • Up to 25 alarm groups
  • Maximum 64 scenarios
  • 4 Communication channels: Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 2/3G SIM card 2x

Hub 2

  • Up to 100 detectors
  • Up to 25 cameras
  • Up to 50 users in App.
  • Up to 9 alarm groups
  • Up to 32 scenarios
  • 3 Communication channels: Ethernet / 2G SIM card 2x
  • Wings protocol: Suitable for MotionCAM

Hub 2 Plus

  • Up to 200 detectors
  • Up to 100 cameras
  • Up to 200 users in App.
  • Up to 25 alarm groups
  • Maximum 64 scenarios
  • 4 Communication channels: Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 2/3/4G SIM card 2x
  • Wings protocol: Suitable for MotionCAM

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