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AJAX Jeweller technology

The wireless technology that offers so many advantages, that we would like to tell you more about it.

Jeweller is unbeatable in range, durability, accuracy, stability, safety, flexibility, superiority, autonomy and invulnerability.

But what do these words actually say? We are happy to explain this to you when we discuss the benefits.

If, for any reason, one of the detectors no longer answers the Hub correctly, an alarm is immediately triggered. Similar to cutting a wire with a wired alarm system.

Jeweller offers the convenience of wireless, with the security of a wired alarm system. But actually, the AJAX alarm system is even safer than a wired system, because everything is constantly connected to the Cloud.

What is the advantage of having a constant connection to the cloud?

Because all connections are continuously monitored and there is a permanent connection to the cloud via the internet, any intrusion or sabotage attempt will be reported directly to you via your smartphone. Your smartphone is always connected via the internet, and the AJAX application on your smartphone continuously checks whether the Hub signal is arriving in the cloud. If a connection is lost between any detector and the Hub or between the Hub and your smartphone, you will be notified immediately.

Why is the wireless Jeweller connection together with a Cloud connection better than a wired alarm system?

A professionally wired alarm system is normally connected to a telephone line or internet line, which notifies a central alarm center in case of an intrusion. Almost all of these systems check the telephone connection to the alarm center once every 24 hours. But what if the telephone line is sabotaged or the internet does not work? Then it can take up to 24 hours for the test connection to fail, and the control room is aware of a malfunctioning connection. During this time, intrusion alarms do not reach the user. What can happen in 24 hours? A lot.

Because the AJAX system is constantly connected to the Cloud, and your own smartphone, the connection is not checked once every 24 hours, but every 6 seconds. As soon as the Hub (the centre of the AJAX alarm system) can no longer reach your smartphone, you will receive a notification on your smartphone within 6 seconds. It is therefore impossible to lose the connection to your alarm system without being aware of this.

Therefore, the wireless AJAX Cloud connected alarm system can be more reliable than a professionally wired alarm system.

Jeweller range compared to other wireless systems

There are several wireless alarm systems available on the market,

but no one offers 2,000 meters of range and 7 years of service life on one supplied battery.

Overview of existing wireless protocols

Overview of the different wireless techniques with their maximum bridgeable distance from the Hub:

Jeweller - 2,000 meters

Z-Wave 5th generation - 150 meters

ZigBee - 100 meters

Bluetooth - 100 meters

WiFi - less than 100 meters

In addition, no other wireless system has the same battery life:

Jeweller - 7 years

Z-Wave 5th generation - 2 years

ZigBee - 2 years

Bluetooth - 1 year

WiFi - only with external power supply

Jeweller Advantages


AJAX detectors operate at distances of up to 2,000 meters from the Hub in open space. For most of them, the signal is strong enough to mount the detector at the most suitable position.


Thanks to Jeweller, only a small amount of power is required to operate the system over a long distance.
This allows detectors up to 7 years of stable battery life.


The AJAX Hub always knows if a detector is working. Two-way communication ensures that each detector reports every 12 seconds to report if everything is okay. If a detector fails to respond for any reason, the AJAX Hub will display the cause directly in the App so that appropriate action can be taken.


To prevent a weak signal between the Hub and the detectors, the Hub is equipped with two antennas of different frequencies. The Hub monitors the signal quality and automatically selects the strongest signal. This keeps the detectors connected at all times.


The AJAX Hub and the detectors are equipped with multiple layers of tamper protection. If external interference has occurred, the AJAX App immediately indicates the reason for the interference, so that appropriate action can be taken.


At AJAX, they thought long and hard about which wireless technology was suitable for mutual communication. As everyone will know by now, WiFi is extremely unreliable, and the WiFi signal is also very limited in bridging distances. The Jeweller technology, developed by AJAX in house, can also simply switch frequencies if a certain frequency has been interfered with. If interference is deliberately caused on multiple channels, the alarm will go off immediately, and you will be informed of this "jamming" via the App.


The AJAX Hub can monitor up to 100 detectors such as motion detectors and door contacts simultaneously. The Hub plus can even monitor up to 150 detectors simultaneously. This means that it does not matter how big your house or office building is. There will always be enough memory available to detect the intruder even outside the building. 99% of current alarm systems in Europe only detect a burglary when the burglar is already inside the house. How much nicer would it have been if the intruder had already been deterred by a hard outdoor siren if he had taken one step in the garden or driveway? Wouldn't you rather have a siren as an immediate notification? This is also possible, each sensor can also give a silent alarm which can only be seen and heard on your smartphone. So you can quietly welcome your new visitor.


The entire system, so both the Hub and all wirelessly connected detectors can automatically provide themselves with the latest software updates. Once the system has been set up, you will not have to worry about it for many years. The installation is easy to do yourself, but if you prefer to have an experienced person do it, we can take care of it for you as well. You can choose to leave everything to us when it comes to installation, or you can choose to assemble everything yourself and let us do the programming remotely. This remote programming is free! Through the App you can see exactly who has access to your system and when. And after installation, the programmer's access is automatically blocked, so that you are the only one with access.


All data between all devices is encrypted in small data packages with its own algorithm based on the AES standard. A bruteforce attack is thus excluded. Cracking the encryption key is impossible.

Hikvision AX PRO
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