Alarm system without monthly fees. Easy self-installation

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Alarm system without monthly fees

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An alarm system without monthly costs is of course the best there is. But is a system for which you don't have to pay monthly is reliable? Throughout the country you can see warning signs from large security companies on many houses that there is an alarm system in the house. All these people pay a large amount of money to that security company every month. If so many people do that, then it must be good, right?

But first ask yourself the question: What does this company do for my monthly payment? And can't it be much cheaper, and even better? Yes, it can be much better and cheaper because a completely new alarm system of the brand has been developed. This manufacturer, which originates from the Ukraine, has grown in a few years from the 5 inventors, the developers, to the largest producing manufacturer in security products in 2020. Over 900 people now work daily to produce over 220,000 products per month, and these are still personally checked for quality one by one.

But to come back to the question: What does a security company do for your monthly payments? We can give a very brief answer to that question. They will call you to tell you that there has been a movement in your home, and if it's true that it wasn't you who caused this. Because false alarms often come in to a security company, the company must first verify if the report is justified. This is done by contacting you and asking what could be going on. Only when multiple detectors generate an alarm, these companies are allowed to notify the police.

Why should you pay for this kind of calls when you can also receive burglary reports much faster, and without monthly costs, directly on your own smartphone? With the AJAX alarm system you can, and it's completely free. You know for yourself whether you are at home or not, and when you are absent, it is immediately clear to you that there is someone at your home who shouldn't be there when an alarm is raised. You can also check your own camera system to see who or what it is that triggered the alarm. So you can immediately take the right action. Thanks to the AJAX MotionCAM, you get a picture of the perpetrator on your smartphone within 9 seconds after the motion was registered. Don't miss out on valuable time in the event of a burglary, and let burglary reports arrive directly on your own smartphone instead of at a central control room.

Can AJAX work with central control rooms? The strength of AJAX is that the full operation and registration of detectors is done via your own smartphone. So we don't recommend it, but it is possible. It can only be interesting if you yourself are not able to receive notifications on your smartphone and can take action if necessary. If you have a profession where you absolutely can't be disturbed and there's no one else in your family who can respond to notifications, only then we would advise you to pay monthly. With the AJAX system you can have up to 100 people receive a notification on his or her smartphone from your alarm system. The chance that no one else will be able to respond is of course very small.

If you do want a central control room, this can be set up via the AJAX Application. There is a list of companies you can choose from. We can advise you which one is most suitable for you. Please note: This connection is optional and therefore subject to a charge, and does nothing more than pass on the reports from your alarm system to you by an employee of an incident room. The costs of an alarm center that you close via the AJAX Application are many times lower than the monthly costs that you would pay with another alarm system company because you enter into a contract with the alarm center yourself, and there is no security company that adds a certain commission each month. However, if you are connected to a central control room through a security company, take into account the monthly costs of at least € 40,-.

We have now let you read that it can be cheaper by choosing the AJAX alarm system, but we have not yet told you whether it is better to switch to this alarm system, or to opt for it directly. How reliable is the system, as it works without subscription fees.

The AJAX alarm system works via the AJAX Cloud. These are Amazon servers that are distributed across multiple countries around the world, with an uptime of over 99.97%. In other words, these servers always work. All products of the alarm system are connected via the AJAX Hub, which is permanently connected to the Cloud. Your smartphone is also directly connected to the same Cloud thanks to the AJAX Application. As soon as anything is going on with the system, the Cloud will immediately notice it, and you will be notified on your smartphone. Even if all communication in your home has failed, whether intentionally or not, you will be notified immediately on your smartphone, because the Hub will then no longer have an active connection to the Cloud. This makes the fully wireless alarm system at least as reliable as a wired alarm system.

In addition, because everything is connected to the Internet, each product also comes with software updates. So the alarm system is not getting older and older, but more intelligent thanks to the software updates that are installed free of charge and automatically.

But there is more to tell about the quality of this system without monthly subscription fees.

When do you want the detection of thieves? When they've already forced your window or front door, and are in your house, or at the first step in your garden. Few choose the first situation. Of course you want to detect a thief as early as possible. However, with old-fashioned wired alarm systems it's not so easy in your garden. That's why detection with old-fashioned alarm systems only takes place inside your house. But you don't really want that, do you?!

Why will AJAX become the market leader in Europe of security systems in 2020? Because with this system it will be possible to detect and detect intruders outside your home. That's what everyone wants! And had we already told you that it is without monthly subscription fees ;-)

Because everything is completely wireless, it is very easy to mount a detector at any position in your garden. And thanks to a battery life of up to 7 years, you won't have to worry about it for a long time. Of course quality is the most important thing at AJAX, that's why detectors don't react on dogs, cats or moving trees, but on real burglars.

We briefly mention the characteristics of this system below, so you will immediately understand why this is going to be the new market leader in 2020.

  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No installation costs, easy to install yourself in 15~30 minutes
  • No maintenance contract: The system checks itself. Not once a year, but every 6 seconds
  • Wireless detectors with a range of up to 2,000 meters
  • Early motion detection in your garden prevents an actual burglary in your home
  • Pet friendly: Does not react to birds, dogs or cats
  • Free helpdesk with on request: Free programming
  • Full control with smartphone
  • Receive worldwide notifications on your smartphone when detecting or jamming
  • 2-Way communication with all detectors
  • Detectors up to 7 years working on supplied battery
  • Free product software updates
  • More reliable than a wired system thanks to constant connection to the Cloud
  • Shipping and installation within 24 hours!
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